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The Ritual in the Witches' Circle

Quest summary:

Perform the ritual in the witches' circle and report to Luchezar Popov.

Rewards Money: 23 Silver 76 Copper

Quest start:

Oh, fine, I'll tell you the whole story - I wouldn't have been able to do this without you anyway. The thing is - I was once a servant of that Kramolsky and his mother, but I left them long ago.

The old woman has hidden herself deep in the woods and I don't like the things she's doing out there, not one bit. However, when I was young, I learned many things from her, sometimes without even understanding what they truly were. I've thought about replicating one of her rituals for a long time now so I can speak with the ghosts.

Since you and Luchezar are doing the same thing, I'm going to help you with your ritual. It'll be better this way - freeing Darkwater from this curse is no joke.
Here, take this bag. It contains everything you'll need. You must perform the ritual in the witches' circle that lies deep in the Werebear Grove. There's a tiny island between the streams with a pile of stones on it. That's where you need to go. Good luck! I hope you won't bear any ill will towards me if anything goes wrong.

Quest check:

The witches circle is a good place for a ritual since it's far from the village and people. What won't I do to save Darkwater. May the healing Light deliver us all!

Quest finished:

I can feel that patches of light have started showing through the clouds over Darkwater. It's about time! Now you'll be able to communicate with the ghost when you meet with it again. And this will happen soon - I have no doubt.