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The Renegade Druid

Quest summary:

Kill Roman Korenev and 20 of his Magical Termite Eggs for Veleslav Kapishev.

Rewards Money: 21 Silver 75 Copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Boots of the Harvester

Quest start:

This next task is especially sad. One of our own, a druid, has gone rogue.

He overheard one of the traveling merchants talking about the amount of money that a termite queen's wings would go for. And the next day he started jabbering about how easy it would be to create hundreds of termite queens with our pagan magic.

Needless to say, we had none of it. It goes against the laws of Nature! Rune didn't like the sound of that and he took off for the Cursed Thicket to live in the termite hive.

You must go and kill him and destroy the abominations that he has created!

Quest check:

How terrible. No one can go against the laws of Nature.

Quest finished:

So, the druid has been defeated! May his memory live forever.