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The Missing Letter

Quest summary:

Deliver the lost letter to Dobrinya Nikitov.

Rewards XP: 900

Rewards Money: 23 Silver 76 Copper

Quest start:

Listen to this horrible story I just heard! They say the old hag Evdokia murdered her husband for his money. Murdering a fisherman for his gold! Do you believe that?

Okay, I have a job for you. One of my owls flew in all covered in blood with a sealed scrap of paper attached to her foot. It was the seal of Aidenus himself! The letter was lost somewhere in Amalthia Woods, where all those damned ravens are.

If you happen to be in those parts and find a letter in the woods, take it to Dobrinya Nikitov as fast as you can - it's probably something important for him from Aidenus.

Quest check:

Efrosina told me that Aidenus' letter has disappeared in Amalthia Woods. I don't want to know more, but that letter must be found!

Quest finished:

The letter's been found? Oh, my hands are shaking. Well, what are you going to do… we'll have to unroll it and read it. There's no avoiding this.