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The Missing Craftsman

Quest summary:

Find Andrey Vodopyanov in the Settlement.

Rewards Money: 7 Silver 25 Copper

Quest start:

It looks like you can be trusted with more important matters!

So, Have you seen my craftsman, Andrey, in or around the village?

He vanished recently, and there's been no sign of him. It's been nothing but trouble with these Kanian craftsmen! They start out with such capable hands, but as soon as he has a tiny amount of money, it's off to the tavern. Meanwhile, I'm left alone to do his job! It's a very important job that he was supposed to have finished a long time ago.

Find him and see what he is doing. And find out how that job is progressing.

Quest check:

Hic… An honest craftsman can't have any peace even in a tavern!

Quest finished:

Alright yes, I'm Andrey. What do you want?