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The Last Hope

Quest summary:

Meet Raoul de Doucer in Amalthia Woods.

Rewards Money: 3 Silver 96 Copper

Quest start:

Father wants to see all three daughters-in-law personally! I'm counting on the Elf, so it's time for you to meet him. Now, listen to me carefully.

I made an arrangement with Raoul de Doucer, the great Elven sculptor, a long time ago. I once saw an ancient statue of otherworldly beauty in a book. I said that I wished to have a wife like that, and this Elf just jumped up and said "sure, no problem!"

Don't look at me like that! Your face will stick that way. Yes, he promised to turn this statue into a girl for me - a living and rosy-cheeked young lady!

Everything that the Elf asked for is ready. Go into Amalthia Woods where Raoul lives and tell him "Ivan is in dire need of a girl. He wants to marry her and present her to his father." And as for the toad? Into the swamp with her!

Quest check:

And where is Andrey? He's on a binge? I'm curious, is there anything at all that Kanians are able to do well and on time? No, Kania has no future, this is just further proof.

Quest finished:

Alright, since Andrey isn't here, you're going to have to assist me.

Actually, I've heard about you. From my brother, he saw you in Siveria. We were all forced to hide out in the woods and in quiet corners. And it's all the de Desiraes' fault! They've accused us of having broken the rules of the Great Game. But who doesn't break them? Everybody does. But you know what they say - you're not a thief unless you get caught. Anyway, I don't meddle in politics. Art is my way. And now you have been presented with an unprecedented opportunity - to assist Stephane de Doucer himself!

As you know, I have agreed to help Ivan. To free his ideal woman from the marble and breathe a soul into her - and what's going to help us to do it? The Astral! A substance of immense magical power.

Well, everything is ready for the act of creation, so to speak. So, here I go!