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The Hunt for the Great Gray Wolf

Quest summary:

Gather Tender Boar Meat in the traps to lure out Zeeb.

Rewards Money: 19 Silver 82 Copper

Quest start:

The White Knight, the great champion and protector of Kania, the benefactor of the people who has done so much good, he who chased the formidable band of bandits from the woods, promises to keep all the good citizens of Kania under the protection of his high and mighty hand!

But now the White Knight is appealing for the help of all the good warriors, mages, and scouts… All who hold their native Kania dear! A huge beast has appeared in Lupinwood with fangs, the likes of which have never been seen before. The great gray wolf - this beast is full of ferocity and poses a dire threat to the entire Settlement. Just recently one lad and two villagers fell victim to the monster!
Whoever finds the courage and the valor within themselves to go against the ferocious wolverine, let them set the traps that have been placed in the woods, bait it with a piece of boar meat, and overcome the cursed beast!

Just remember that catching the beast will not be easy! He has been hunted many times but has always managed to get away. He who seeks to defeat the wolverine shall require both strength and fortune to come out on top!

Quest check:

Alright, that's enough! Don't kill me!

Quest finished:

Alright, that's enough! Don't kill the wolf!

You are serving the wrong power. You've been played for a patsy.