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The Haunted Stones

Quest summary:

Find four “haunted stones,” examine them, and report back to Maria Rosinova in the Settlement.

Rewards Money: 13 Silver 22 Copper

Quest start:

There are many mysteries left in Darkwater that we have yet to uncover! One of my favorite mysteries are the haunted stones – or, at least that is what the locals call them.

We're unsure as to their origins and they're obviously not organic as there is something inscribed on the surface. Where they placed here thousands of years ago by a now long dead people? Are they some sort of beacon?

The only way to find the answers to these questions is to go out and examine them!

I want you to go find these stones in the Astral Bay, Rookmore, Werebear Grove, and the Fusty Bog. Touch them, take in their energy, and then come back and tell me all about it!

Quest check:

Have you seen them yet? They're in the four corners of Darkwater!

Quest finished:

Well? What did you think?

It's really strange, right? They even disappear after you've touched them!