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The Golden Fish

Quest summary:

Find the chest full of gold in the sea and take it to Evdokia Ogryzkova.

Rewards Money: 10 Silver 88 Copper

Quest start:

Huh! What? Who are you? Were you sent by my poor dear Evdokia? No?! Who then? The priest? He wants to study me? Ohohoho… Alright then, listen!
Once, I cast my net into the sea and it came back with… Yes… With a golden fish! How happy I was to be able to bring my dear old lady some joy! The fish gave us wonderful gifts - a new wash tub, a new bed, and even a new house! We could have lived in such happiness. But then it was like an evil spirit possessed my dearest Evdokia. She started making more and more demands - a mansion in the capital, fierce Xadaganian guards on the front porch, bundles and bundles of new clothes and riches… The fish's patience snapped and she took everything from us and there we were, back with the old cracked washtub. My Evdokia completely lost her mind and then she cursed me - her faithful old man - she cursed me and… Killed me.

But I know, I've always felt it - there's an evil spirit controlling her! It needs to be fed, to be satiated, and only then will it disappear. Sea foam and storm winds have whispered to me that not far from the shore an old ship rests on the bottom and inside is a chest full of gold. Please find it and bring it to my Evdokia in our hut.

Quest check:

Ohhh! Gold! Gold! How it glitters and beckons… Give me the gold! Give it to me!

Quest finished:

Huh! What happened? Where am I? Where is Esau? What, what happened here? Did he drown? No? …I what? I killed him?!
It can't be! Oh, no! Oh, woe is me! Oh, Esau!