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The Fate of the Wagon Train

Quest summary:

Find out what happened to the merchants' wagon train and report to Dobrinya Nikitov.

Rewards Money: 9 Silver 91 Copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Cape of the Darkwater Defender

Quest start:

Since you're going to the settlement anyway, why don't you do me a favor on your way? A wagon train filled with goods from Novograd went by here recently. They were the typical bunch of snobs from the capital.

While I may not be fond of them, there are bandits everywhere out here and the roads are far from safe. I don't even know if those merchants even made it to the settlement or if they're worm food right now. Being killed by bandits is a terrible fate.

Please keep your eyes peeled while you're on your way to the settlement. I hate to say it, but I doubt that those merchants made it there. If that's the case, could you please inform Dobrinya Nikitov about it once you get there?

Quest check:

The wagon train from Novograd should have been here ages ago. I don't understand. Could Karchikov be on the loose again? Tensess help us!

Quest finished:

The wagon train has been robbed? Oh, I wish that for once someone would bring us some good news!