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The Deep Seated Horror

Quest summary:

Kill Nessie and report back to Foma Krytov.

Rewards Money: 19 Silver 80 Copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Nightguard Shirt
Darkward Jersey
Shirt of the Nightwatch

Quest start:

There's a story in these parts that's been around for years. It may seem like just some tall tale, but the proof can be found by taking a walk along the Astral coast.
In the sea there lives an eerie monster. No one knows how he came to be, but one Elven lady hypothesized that he was a mutant created by living too close to the Astral for years. She named him "Nessie" and left to study him. We never heard from her again.
Now that the lands of Darkwater are being cleansed it might be time to cleanse our sea of this monster! Now, don't even think about going after Nessie alone. You'll need to assemble an entire team of allies. Once you gather your most trusted friends, go to the Lukomorie and take Nessie down!

Quest check:

Have you seen how it attacks?! What a terrible beast.

Quest finished:

It can't be! Now we can go fearlessly into the sea to admire the beauty of the water rushing off the allod? Your name will be remembered for this feat!