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The Confession of Gorislav

Quest summary:

Tell Luchezar Popov about Gorislav Mudrov's mournful tale.

Rewards Money: 15 Silver 84 Copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Guardian's Plate Bracers

Quest start:

I once rode around like a noble knight fighting enemies, and now I've become such a monster that even bats recoil from me… It's all because of her - that thrice damned witch! She twisted my father around her little finger, bewitched him! It's painful to even think about it, but I'll tell you the whole story.

My mother died and left our poor father to look after twelve sons and a beautiful daughter. Our father did not remain single for long - he soon remarried a servant from the castle who said her name was Maria Kramolskaya.

She brought along her own son, Miroslav, who grew up to become the White Knight. He's not a hero of legend, but just a regular Kanian, the same as I used to be…

My stepmother soon drove my father into an early grave and that was the end for his children. I had a squabble with her brat and beat the tar out of him. She used her powers to turn me into this monstrosity in return.

That witch swears that the Valir's blood runs in her son, and claims that his father was the master of the castle himself. I refuse to believe that the Valirs could produce such a monster.

It turns out that Maria Kramolskaya is none other than Baba Yaga. Right now she's probably hovering someplace near her dearest son and plotting her vile crimes against the citizens in the settlement.

Right now she's hiding in these ancient ruins and she sent me here to guard the entrance. She must be afraid of something, but I do not know what…

Quest check:

You managed to speak with the ghost? Incredible! Tell me, what did he say?

Quest finished:

Oh, shame on me! I have studied all of the branches of the Valir family tree and have never found any room for the White Knight in there, but it never occurred to me that he could have been a bastard. I'll have to reconsider things.