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The Competitor

Quest summary:

Talk to Agniya Charova in the Settlement.

Rewards Money: 7 Silver 92 Copper

Quest start:

We have the June tablets, but now we need the following things to perform the ritual - bat talons, toad slime, sea crab hearts…
What? The witch has already sent you for these things? Hm… I underestimated her… Village women usually only go to her for love potions, so I figured fine, let them go. Fighting this is like trying to eradicate the custom of hanging clay pots on fence posts. But it turns out that Agnes isn't so simple after all! How could she already know the things that it took me so many years to learn from the wisest of men after having read through entire libraries of dusty tomes?
Go to her and find out what she's planning. Could she be planning to communicate with spirits too? Glory be to Light in the middle of darkness!

Quest check:

So, Luchezar sent you to me, a simple country quack? Why didn't the Light, or darkness, grant him its wisdom?
Do you know that in his youth Luchezar was very interested in all kinds of forbidden magic? And then when the Church issued its Order against it, he was the first to get scared and sign up to be a priest!
So what does he need?

Quest finished:

What?! Luchezar also wants to learn to communicate with spirits? How does he know about my ritual? Yes, this is my ritual, mine! I drew it out of the hag herself!