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The Astral Extract

Quest summary:

Go to the coast of the Lukomorie and use the June Rod to call Astral demons. Search their corpses for Astral Extract and return 5 portions of it to Blaise de Doucer.

Rewards Money: 11 Silver 88 Copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Tunic of the House of de Desirae Supporter
Blouse of the House of de Desirae Supporter
Shirt of the House of de Desirae Supporter
Jersey of the House of de Desirae Supporter

Quest start:

I have a business proposal for you. I'm pretty sure you know about the runes of the Twelve Great Martyrs. You've probably even had a chance to use them yourself, and perhaps you've even moved one from one item to another. If that's the case, I'm sure you'd appreciate an improved rune removal pick.
I am willing to give you one of these devices if you help me out with a certain task. My family is interested in obtaining a rare resource known as Astral extract. It's extremely hard to find, and for that reason we're offering such a valuable reward in exchange.
The extract can only be found on the bodies of Astral demons. As everyone knows, the demons hate the June and anything associated with them. If you use the power of this ancient June rod along the Astral coast, it's sure to draw one of the creatures to you.
Kill the demons until you get five handfuls of the extract. This may take a while, especially because the rod can only be used once every thirty minutes. It needs time to recharge between every use. But once you finish your task, the reward will be well worth it.

Quest check:

It'll be very difficult to get the Astral extract, but my family's prepared to do anything to get it.

Quest finished:

I thank you on behalf of my entire family. Here's your new rune removal pick - use it well!