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The Antidote

Quest summary:

Convince 3 Settlement Residents to take Veleslav Kapishev's medicine.

Rewards XP: 280

Rewards Money: 6 Silver 61 Copper

Quest start:

I have prepared an antidote. Now go around the settlement and give it to three different residents.

Only… Uh… There's no need to tell them what it's made of. Alas, not everyone shares my trusting attitude toward nature. Explain to the people that it's a magical remedy for the bites. And it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to put on an important look and start muttering spells. Whatever nonsense comes into your head… I usually recite children's counting rhymes in such situations… You know that popular one… "I spy with my goblin eye…" I'm sure you know it.

And for you, I'll read a spell that actually works later on.

Quest check:

And as soon as the people swallow my poisonous medicine, their troubles will be over.

Quest finished:

Well, how did it go? The people didn't put up too much resistance? No? That's good.

Hold on… What ghosts? Ghosts were popping out of the people?! Now that is weird…

Hm, I hope it's not a side effect of my medicine.