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The Answer to the Puzzle

Quest summary:

Take the Holy Water to Ivan Tsarevsky.

Rewards Money: 8 copper 62 silver

Quest start:

Oh, what a fool I've been! I'm talking about good and evil. "Good cannot exist without evil, and evil cannot exist without good…"

Those priests forbid me from learning prohibited magic, but what is Light without darkness? It's nothing… Well, back to our toad. Ivan had the enchanted toad this whole time? He married her and didn't say a word to me?

Oh, Ivan, you stubborn fool! Of course I would have discerned a human soul in a swamp creature! I have the remedy for evil magic - holy water! Just sprinkle some on the enchanted creature and it will appear in its true form.

Unfortunately, this will only be temporary. The spell can only be lifted by the one who applied it in the first place. But still, run along - deliver the good news to Ivan. Poor guy! I can't imagine what he had to go through!

Quest check:

You don't say? The toad is an enchanted maiden? Hmm… I did feel uneasy at times, like I wasn't alone when the toad was around… Give me the holy water, quick!

Quest finished:

Oh, how my heart is beating! What a beautiful maiden!