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Tears Into Gold

Quest summary:

Find 5 Petrified Unicorn's Tears in the Enchanted Wood.

Rewards Money: 23 Silver 76 Copper

Quest start:

In return for all your services, I want tell you about the greatest treasure that's hidden in these woods. Unicorn tears!
No, no, I don't want you to drive the poor animals to tears. That's impossible anyway. They only shed tears of happiness - only when they weep with joy. And these days, there's not much to rejoice about in Darkwater. That makes the tears that the unicorns sprinkle the earth with all the more precious. And once they hit the ground, these tears congeal and solidify into glittering droplets. Try to collect at least five unicorn tears for me from the Amalthia Wood.

Quest check:

To be honest, I've never seen a unicorn tear in my life. I hope it's not just a legend…

Quest finished:

Oh! What a miracle! How precious! How much will that be in gold? Let me count…