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Studying the Ghosts

Quest summary:

Find the spirit on the coast in Lupinwood and speak with it using the Ghost Whisperer's Scroll and report to Luchezar Popov.

Rewards Money: 10 Silver 88 Copper

Quest start:

What were you talking to that pagan about? Ghosts? That's some guy you found to talk to about that! What do druids know about spirits?! You should've asked me. Here's what I would have told you if you had the right mind to ask. There are two types of ghosts and both are well known to the merciful Church.

We call it a ghost when a mage calls up a soul from the ether and commands it. That is necromancy. But we call it a spirit when the soul of one who was slain through violence hovers over the earth seeking vengeance and, perhaps, solace as well. But ghosts popping out of living people… That's something that has never been seen before.

They say that some kind of spirit has started to appearing near Lupinwood down by the sea. What if it's one of those that popped out of a living human as well? If only we could talk to it… Go find it, this scroll will help you to communicate with it.

Quest check:

Spirits, specters, ghosts… It's all such a tangled mess…

Quest finished:

So you managed to talk to the spirit? Well, go on, tell me what happened.