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Searching the Ruins

Quest summary:

Find 10 June Mage's Tablets in the ruins on the Kudykin Altar.

Rewards Money: 23 silver 76 copper

Quest start:

The Light's grace is still with us! I dug around the library and was able to find a couple of rare books. One of them mentioned the spirits of passions. Much of the volume had been gnawed by mice, but, by the Light's mercy, the disgusting rodents left the most important part alone. I managed to make out a description of an ancient ritual! Perform it and you will be able to communicate with the spirits. Soon, very soon, we will find out what is really going on here!
There is one thing though, the ritual requires magical June tablets. But that shouldn't be too much of a problem, there are June ruins everywhere, even in an out of the way place like Darkwater. So now your path lies to the northeast, where the forest opens up for a great altar, it is there that you will find the tablets - we'll need ten of them. And when you come back, I'll have something for you.
In the meantime, I'll go back to the library and try to find something about Valir's descendants. Together, we'll find the truth about that White Knight!

Quest check:

People often find magic tablets in the June ruins, and Light willing, we'll be lucky too.

Quest finished:

The Light has illuminated your path! We now have the tablets, and that is what's important. Just a few small details remain.