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Sea Treasures

Quest summary:

Find the hidden treasure to the east and report your success to Andrey.

Rewards Money: 14 Silver 50 Copper

Quest start:

I've heard rumors about there being a… hic… a treasure at the bottom of the sea. I've told other travelers about it, but they all shrugged me off as a crazy old drunk… hic! It's their loss in the end, serves them right.

But you, I can tell you're different. I can tell by… hic!… by those kind eyes that you know Andrey ain't fooling you.
I can't give you any more information than that… hic! But I know it's out there, that's for sure. You should go find it and share the wealth with this ol' buddy of yours… hic!

Quest check:

Nobody believes me… Hic…

Quest finished:

Great! Hic… Now that you're rich, how about buying your buddy a drink?