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Mastering Darkwater's Beasts

Quest summary:

Seek out Darkwater's most dangerous creatures and bring back 5 trophies to Maria Rosinova.

Rewards Money: 13 Silver 22 Copper

Quest start:

Learning more about Darkwater is impossible if we're afraid of the eerie creatures that inhabit it! We'll never be able to move forward and collect new and interesting knowledge if we're too scared of the likes of Li'kha, Venomfang, Mudhoof, Mirefang, Mudsnout, Kekara, Huven, Bleakclaw, or Graygrowl. You can easily recognize these creatures by their names or by crown symbols above their heads.

That's why I want you to seek them out and conquer your fears! Be sure to bring me back a trophy - something that will show that you really defeated these beasts!

Quest check:

Have you conquered your fears yet?

Quest finished:

Excellent! Now you won't hesitate the next time someone sends you into someplace that's dark and creepy!