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Living Water

Quest summary:

Bathe 6 pieces of Astral Amber in the Living Spring for Andrey Vodopyanov.

Rewards Money: 21 Silver 75 Copper

Quest start:

What did that silly Elf say again? Hic… "Immerse half in Living Water and the other half in Dead Water…" The ideas those sculptors come up with!
Here are six pieces of amber. Go and bathe the amber in the tavern… No, why would I say that? Did I say tavern? In the Living Water!

The amber needs to be bathed in the Living Water, that's right! And near the Living Spring… Uh… There are drunken satyrs. Hic… Even I don't drink that much.
They're messing with the wrong guy now! That's right… I'm not gonna drag myself right into the satyr's claws. Hic… You're serving Ivan now, so you can go do it.

Quest check:

Out there, on paths unknown, are tracks of beasts never yet seen… Yes! Such as drunken satyrs… Hic…

Quest finished:

You again? Jeez… I just opened a fresh bottle! Oh, the amber has been washed. That's' good. Hic…