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Quest summary:

Find out where Baba Yaga has imprisoned the Soul of Kania and liberate it.

Rewards Money: 8 silver 62 copper

Quest start:

So, the magic amulet… The time has come.

Baba Yaga is hiding in Rookmore. The roads out there are well guarded by Aviaks and the White Knight's forces, so getting to her isn't going to be easy.
But what's going to be harder is forcing her to give up the amulet. I don't know where she keeps it but you need to find it, break it, and free the Soul of Kania, allowing all the spirits to be reunited!

That could be the root of all the troubles that have ravaged our country… It is being torn to pieces by old and new forces, while enemies from outside continue to threaten it! All of this is caused by the fact that the Soul of Kania is shattered…

Go now and may the Light and darkness show you the way!

I wouldn't want to be accused of blasphemy again…

Quest finished:

I am free and whole! Kania is free!