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In Search of Advice

Quest summary:

Speak to Kotofei in Lukomorie.

Rewards Money: 7 Silver 25 Copper

Quest start:

It seems that the wandering ghost on the coast of the sea is the spirit of a murdered old fisherman. That is a simple matter. His wife however…

I've read about this sort of thing before… There's another type of spirit, one that is made up of passion and emotions. I can't remember much about it - just that they rarely appear and it's only during the most trying of ordeals. Could it be related to the curse on the castle? Oh, Light protect us from this impenetrable darkness…
I've given the wolf's words a lot of thought and I think he was hinting at the White Knight when he talked about restless bones. The damn rebel claims to be a descendant of Valir, an ancient Kanian king. Could the White Knight have befouled Darkwater through his escapades? Could he have gained control over such a mighty force? Who is he, this White Knight?

Go southeast, to Lukomorie, and see the keeper of the Great Tree. The Great Tree possesses very ancient knowledge and perhaps it will be able to help us. Or maybe give us something to go on, a thread to latch onto so we can find a way to unravel this tangle!

Quest check:

"And day and night a learned cat walks all in circles on his chain." Pure slander! Grr! Like I've got nothing better to do! I sleep at night! And during the day, too.

Quest finished:

Grr… Stupid Kanians don't feel it. A horribly evil deed has been committed! Grr! The air is rife with despair. The Valir's name has been stained and spirits are obscuring the Light. But they know, grr, they know all