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Idol Worshippers

Quest summary:

Collect 10 Bear Idols for the Keen Family.

Rewards Money: 40 silver

Quest start:

Now things are looking up! There's another rarity that can only be found here in Darkwater and sold at a good profit out of the forest.
The local werebears worship idols. They're very devout in their worship - won't take their eyes off those idols even for a second, let alone out of their paws. So it's a difficult task - you'll have to battle the werebears in order to get those wooden trinkets. But collectors pay a lot for bear idols and I will give you a good reward in return for ten idols. I know you won't be sorry!

Quest check:

Wooden idols are in fashion right now, but only if they're in good condition! They can't be scratched, chewed, or bitten!

Quest finished:

I can imagine how bad the bears' feelings were hurt… Or how happy the customers will be! And here's the reward, as promised.