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Holy Mission

Quest summary:

Kill 12 Cursed Unicorns and rid them of the darkness by using Luchezar's Staff then report to Veleslav Kapishev.

Rewards Money: 23 silver 76 copper

Quest start:

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you the story of the unicorns.

At one time, people came here from all corners of the allod to marvel at the unicorns that inhabited Amalthia Wood. But alas, the rot from the curse did not pass them by. I don't know whether it was the Castle Blight curse or something else, but black, cursed unicorns started appearing in those woods.

There is no other way of cleansing the rot from them except by death… Yet even as we kill these once beautiful and now damned creatures, we must do it wisely and follow the laws of nature.

Take this, it's a staff from Luchezar, our priest. The staff is filled with the magic of the Light and it will rid a fallen creature of the rot. Your mission is to kill the cursed unicorns and use the staff on their bodies to cleanse them of the darkness. I believe that the cleansed souls of these unicorns will return to their bodies and they will be resurrected in their former glory, restoring the equilibrium that was once found in Amalthia Woods!

Quest check:

It's been so long since I was last in the Enchanted Wood! Since I delighted in the innocent games of the unicorns under the slanting rays of the sun! I will cure you, my dears, I will cure you for sure.

Quest finished:

I'm starting to believe that we will be able to lift the curse off Darkwater! And it's all thanks to you.

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