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He Who Has Eyes to See, Let Him See!

Quest summary:

Kill Tiberius the Stumbling and report to Luchezar Popov.

Rewards Money: 21 Silver 75 Copper

Quest start:

Grr! What else do you want? Don't you get it? Spirits have taken over Darkwater! They managed to get even as far as this place, as far as Lukomorie.

There's a spring but it's difficult to get to. The satyrs have taken a shine to it and their leader, Tiberius the Stumbling, is standing guard of it. Kill him and you will see!

He who has eyes to see, let him see! Tell the one who sent you everything that you've seen. One head is good but two are better.

Quest check:

So the leader of the satyrs has been captured by the Specter as well? That's what it is! And I had been wondering why these beasts were so stubborn…

Quest finished:

Foulness has enshrouded all of Darkwater. And they, the spirits, hold the answer to our woes.

You say they are silent. I wonder, has anyone managed to communicate with them? I believe it won't hurt to dig around in the local library…