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Good and Evil

Quest summary:

Convey the words of the Spirit of Freedom to Luchezar Popov.

Rewards Money: 7 silver 92 copper

Quest start:

Hear me out and spread the word to all who are willing to stand up for freedom! The curse didn't just strike the Valir castle, it struck the very Soul of Kania. And then she appeared - the one who has always thirsted for power. If not for herself, then for her son and if not over people, then over spirits.

The vile hag tore apart the weakened Soul, splitting it into Good and Evil. She took the evil spirits for her servants and imprisoned the good ones. She locked me, the Spirit of Freedom, inside this idol. The Spirit of Loyalty is locked up in one of the werewolves.

The time has come to resurrect the Soul of Kania, to gather all of us spirits together! Kania cannot exist without loyalty, valor, and freedom, just as it cannot be without cowardice, greed, and vengefulness.

One flows into the other and becomes its opposite, and then goes back to the beginning again. Life is an eternal cycle. Good cannot exist without evil, nor evil without good.

Alas, I do not know how to resurrect the Soul of Kania, but I can name the one who does. The old witch's young stepdaughter saw her at her evil deeds. The girl paid for her curiosity by being turned into a toad. While I can't tell you where to look for her or how to undo the spell, the Light will show you the way.

Quest check:

Now everything is as it should be. Thank the Light eternal! We are nearing the end.

Quest finished:

One important question remains - where do we look for the enchanted toad?