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From the Frying Pan into the Fire

Quest summary:

Kill 10 Fierce Vandals, 10 Murderous Sorcerers, and Oleg Melnikov.

Rewards Money: 19 Silver 82 Copper

Quest start:

You're just in time! We're short on hands. In fact, we're short on swords, axes, bows, and staves as well. We're pretty much short on everything.

There's been a group of bandits hanging around these parts for some time… We've become used to them already and, quite honestly, they weren't causing too much grief. Yes, they did some robbing, but within reason, and they never murdered anyone.

Then this "liberator" showed up - that blasted White Knight. He fought with our bandits, chased them into the swamp, and even hung a few. That's when everything was set into motion.

A new group of bandits took over the highway almost instantly - ones that I'd never seen in these parts before. They have no mercy for anyone - they break up and rob wagon trains, kill the merchants after torturing them, and then hang them from the trees.
The murderers' boss is a desperate cutthroat named Oleg Melnikov. He's the most ruthless of them all. Will you help us? Kill twenty of those cruel bandits and, of course, their leader.

Quest check:

Everyone that's able to bear arms, speak combat spells, or curse join forces to the fight against the band of cruel bandits!

Quest finished:

One less headache! Darkwater needs people like you - brave, daring, and always ready to help.