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For the Good of the Great Tree

Quest summary:

Kill 10 Tree Slugs and Fatso and speak with Kotofei.

Rewards Money: 21 Silver 75 Copper

Quest start:

The Great Tree won't give out its seeds to just anybody - even if an entire archipelago were begging for it. And besides, The Tree has more pressing concerns at the moment. It's been besieged by disgusting slugs. And the guards' never make it as far as Lukomorie and their arms don't reach as far either.

That's not all, for some reason, one of the slugs has grown to an enormous size. The peasants have even given him a nickname, they're calling him Fatso. I don't understand what is going on with Nature now!

It's hard for me to ask this - the slugs, they are also children of this world. They bathe in the morning dew, letting their bellies be caressed by the rays of the gentle forest sun… But this isn't what we should be thinking about, not this, but the fact that the Great Tree is being threatened. That's why I'm asking you to kill ten tree slugs and, of course, Fatso. The Keeper of the Tree will be very grateful to you for that. Perhaps such a heroic deed will help us solve the problem with the Gibberlings?

Quest check:

Grr! I can feel how worried the Tree is, how its bark squeaks and its leaves flutter. Those vile tree slugs are near again!

Quest finished:

Grr! The Tree and I, we are both pleased, very pleased. If I were a simple village cat, I would have licked you for sure. As it is, I don't have anything to give you as thanks. The Great Tree hasn't produced new seeds in a long time. And it will not bear fruit as long as the spirits are defiling Darkwater and the Curse remains on the Castle Blight. Grr!