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Dead Water

Quest summary:

Bathe 6 pieces of Astral Amber in the Dead Water for Andrey Vodopyanov.

Rewards Money: 23 silver 76 copper

Quest start:

"Where there is Living Water, there's also Dead Water." Hic… That's what that mage said and that's the second part of the ritual, according to the instructions, half must be bathed in the Dead Water. Uhh…
The spring is way out near the Kudykin Altar. When I found out… Hic… That Dead Water was required, I decided to forget about the whole thing and stay here! But you… Hic… You can give it a shot. Good luck! And come back if you're able.

Quest check:

I wouldn't go near that cyclops… Jeez…

Quest finished:

How was the walk to the Dead Water spring? Hic… This calls for a drink!