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Quest summary:

Find David Duzhev at the guard post in Darkwater.

Rewards Money: 3 30

Quest start:

I'm glad that you've come - I have a new job for you.

It's those mutinous Kanian rebels again. Yes, we showed them whose boss in Oreshek, but a final victory has not yet been achieved. Our scouts report that the enemy is gathering forces - there are rumors of mutinies circulating through the taverns and letters calling for disobedience and slaughter of the invaders, Elves and Gibberlings, are doing the rounds. We've heard whispers about some sort of "heir to the Valir castle," who is planning to lead the mutineers and reinstate "purity and freedom" in Kania. I've been a detective for twenty years and I'm under no disillusions as to what could and couldn't happen.

I need a good agent in Darkwater, a wooded area to the southeast of Lightwood. The Valir castle, now called Castle Blight and belonging to an ancient noble family that ruled over Kania long ago, towers over Darkwater. You see the connection? Now, if you add to that the fact that the castle has been considered cursed for many years… Few people dare to enter and none return.

It's a risky business that must be dealt with by my partner… That's you, by the way.

You'll be able to get to Darkwater through a tunnel in the mountains. There's a Defenders guard post just on the other side of the pass. Find David Duzhev there and speak with him. Find out what's going on and then play it by ear.

Quest check:

Stop! Who goes there?

Quest finished:

Isaev sent you?

It's about time that the folks in Novograd remembered about us poor schmucks in Darkwater and the lawlessness we suffer from! You would have thought there wouldn't be a problem, given how close we are to the capital, but it's like a whole different country out here.

Life is tough - bandits roam the roads, ghosts have appeared in the forest, and that cursed Valir Castle seems to grow darker everyday! That's a terrible place, believe you me. But people get used to everything. The Settlement is by the castle and people still live there, they must have just grown accustomed to the curse. You should go there, if there's a root to all the problems, you'll find it there for sure.