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Quest summary:

Scatter the Crowbane around the Valir Highway and report to Efrosina Somova.

Rewards XP: 140

Rewards Money: 8 26

Quest Items and Rewards:

Sturdy Bandage

Quest start:

Finally, someone from the outside! Go on - tell me what news is going around the other allods. We don't know a thing here! What are they wearing? Are short skirts or are leggings back in fashion?
We're in the boonies here! No news ever reaches us… Before, I used to be the first to know everything that was going on, but now… I'm lucky to hear news a month after it happens! It's all because of those stupid crows that roam the Valir Highway. They kill all our postal owls and don't let any messages get through.
You're in a hurry, I see… Well, if you don't have the time to chat with me, at least take this poison and scatter it around the woods. Don't worry - it won't hurt anything but those rotten crows. Once we poison them, perhaps our connection with the outside world will be restored.

Quest check:

They say that Agniya was seen in the haystack with Veleslav last night. But as for the rumors are going around the capital - I haven't the foggiest…

Quest finished:

Thanks! Now the messages are just piling up! Need to send an owl someplace? No? Too bad! It would have been a pleasure.