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Cowardly Merchants

Quest summary:

Kill 10 Venomous Adders and report to the caravan driver near Arrowsong Crossing.

Rewards Money: 23 silver 76 copper

Quest start:

Now for the last mission. That silly clay-loving Elf - you know, the one we've risked our lives for hundreds of times… well, he's sent me new orders. He's expecting some kind of statue! Hic… And people told me he scul… Er… Sculpted it himself. They're just screwing with people's heads, I tell you. But that's beside the point.
The wagon that's carrying the statue is stuck in the woods near Arrowsong Crossing. Apparently they're scared of some snakes… Hic… What feeble merchants we have these days. Go there and save the wagon… Hic… If you want to impress that Elf!

Quest check:

We've been through many lands, but have never seen awful snakes like your adders!

Quest finished:

The road's clear? That's good news! We were just about to turn back.