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Captured Owls

Quest summary:

Release 10 Postal Owls held prisoner by the Aviak tribe.

Rewards Money: 23 silver 76 copper

Quest start:

Ivan's been walking around with a scowl. Any idea what's wrong? Well, actually, I don't care. Surprisingly, I have no time for rumors at the moment. My head is too full of other things.

My poor owls, the things they have to go through! They started disappearing again. I thought it was the crows again, but it's worse than that. My winged messengers are being intercepted by those disgusting Aviaks. I have no idea what their plans are and why they are tormenting my birds - they're of the feathered kind themselves, mind you! But my owls need to be set free. They have been imprisoned somewhere in the Thousand Wings forest.

Quest check:

You have wings behind your backs as well! Don't you have any compassion for your fellow feathered creatures, you disgusting Aviaks?!

Quest finished:

And now my owls are back on the wind! Thanks!