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Quest summary:

Harvest 11 Nettle Scapes in Thousand Wings, weave 11 shirts, and put them on 11 Enchanted Aviaks.

Rewards Money: 25 silver 85 copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Nobleman's Satin Shirt
Nobleman's Shagreen Shirt
Nobleman's Leather Waistcoat

Quest start:

Baba Yaga imprisoned me in the body of a toad. My dear brothers didn't have it any easier, either. One is already dead and his soul held captive inside the body of an angry cyclops. He cannot be saved…

The other eleven were transformed into Aviaks and set to guard the imprisoned Soul of Kania. I beg of you, set them free! The only way to do so is with the stinging nettles that grow in the wilds of Thousand Wings.

Collect eleven stalks of the stinging nettles, weave them into shirts, and place them on my dear brothers. That should break the spell.

I beg of you, please hurry! My time is running out… Tell Ivan of your success and he'll somehow find the time to tell me about it.

As for the Soul of Kania, the key to bringing it back together is hidden in a magic amulet that Baba Yaga carries with her at all times. Tell Luchezar everything that I have told you, word for word!

Quest check:

What should I tell Vasilia? What has happened to her brothers?

Quest finished:

They're saved! Thank the Light! Hm, that means I now have eleven brothers-in-law… That's enough to go mad!