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Bog Monster

Quest summary:

Defeat Valuy and report to Veleslav Kapishev.

Rewards Money: 18 Silver 12 Copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Might of the Forest
Swampstalker's Staff
Shape Shifter's Claws

Quest start:

Deep in the swamps of the Fusty Bog lives Valuy - a giant mushroom. He is the essence of rot and decay and his children have all but taken over the swamp. Here is the source of the infection! Here is the rotting core of Darkwater! But coping with him will be difficult, you won't be able to go into his swamp with just a basket and a knife!

You'll need an ax, a sword, a halberd! You'll need a team! Only through a joint effort can you overcome Valuy. So, what say you?

Quest check:

The Fusty Bog… Awful place! And it's all because of Valuy!

Quest finished:

Can you feel it? The air is cleaner! The stench of Valuy's poison no longer hangs in the air!