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Astral Amber

Quest summary:

Collect 12 fragments of Astral Amber for Andrey Vodopyanov.

Rewards Money: 21 Silver 75 Copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Craftsman's Crossbow
Tradesman's Maul
Guardian's Plate Waistband

Quest start:

Ah… So, Ivan sent you.

That Ivan is running me ragged! He makes me drag myself right into the very thicket to see that pointy eared pain in the ass, I mean, that Elf that molds dummies. The scu-sculptor… Hic… And these are such terrible times! Robbers are robbing and the beasts… have gone totally beastly. So… let us hang on to one another…
Hic… err… I'll just sit here and finish my drink, and you can run over to the edge of the allod for the Astral amber in the meantime. This Elf needs twelve stones. Hic… It's right where the sea and the Astral come together… Where the waves of the sea rise against the Astral waves - gorgeous! You won't regret it! And then come right back to me. Go on!

Quest check:

Hic… I'm tellin' ya… one of these days the walls of the Castle Blight will bury us all… And nobody gives a hoot, they just want the Astral amber, don't you know! Hic…

Quest finished:

Look at that, wow… it really is Astral amber. Hic… I never imagined that you'd be back so fast, it seems like I only had time for one drink…