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A Troublesome Swamp

Quest summary:

Kill 15 Swamp Muskirs and return to Veleslav Kapishev.

Rewards Money: 21 Silver 75 Copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Spear of Zmeeborca
Dragon Hunter's Greatsword
Crossbow of Zmeeborca
Blades of the Missioner
Armaments of the Missioner
Sabatons of the Royal Bastard
Boots of the Respected Boyar
Rich Velvet Boots

Quest start:

The White Knight is afraid to show his face in Lukomorie. He knows that I'll scratch his eyes out! Grr! But the groaning of the forest reaches all the way to here as well.

The White Knight has stirred up things in the Fusty Bog. He's on some muskir hunt! I can feel their anger and spite through the hairs on the back of my neck, even here on the Tree. You need to go put them in their place. Grr! They're making other animals' lives miserable.

Go kill fifteen swamp muskirs. And then go tell Veleslav the druid to wake up and get busy over there. The forest needs to be saved from the White Knight's foulness! Tell him that. Grr. And as for me? I'm off to take a little cat nap.

Quest check:

What did the Keeper of the Great Tree say? Will he help the Gibberlings?

Quest finished:

Save the forest from the foulness! Mother Nature, but this is also my own fondest wish!

Those swamp nimbuses should have been brought to heel a long time ago. But they are just the first step. That White Knight has really made a bad mess of our woods.