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A Sticky Fortune

Quest summary:

Collect 6 Sap Samples from the stumps in Darkwater for the Anthropologist, Maria Rosinova, in the Settlement.

Rewards Money: 13 Silver 22 Copper

Quest start:

The trees in Darkwater are very valuable! You probably wouldn't guess it by looking at them, but they could be worth millions!

You see, the trees here produce a very special kind of sap… The very sap that is used to make our myrrh! So you can see why we Anthropologists are eager to study a raw sample.

Unfortunately, loggers have started to come in and cut these precious trees down for Astral ships! I need you to get me some samples before it's all gone!
Your best bet to finding the sap is to look for stumps that have already been cut down. They're all over Darkwater, so you're bound to run into a few while out on your adventures.

Quest check:

The trees that create the sap can be found all throughout Darkwater! Just keep an eye out!

Quest finished:

These are perfect!

Your hard work is serving a great cause, you know.