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A Sensitive Matter

Quest summary:

Go to Darkwater and meet with Ivan Tsarevsky.

Rewards Money: 6 Silver 61 Copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Nobleman's Brass Ring
Nobleman's Silver Ring
Guardian's Plate Gloves

Quest start:

Avery de Grandeur has already informed us of the service you performed. Raoul de Doucer has surrendered. Thank you for your assistance.
However, that does not mean that this is the end of the story of the House de Doucer. I think it's time that we tell you all the details.

The House de Doucer broke the rules of the Great Game. In their desire for power they used… unacceptable methods and were punished for it.
The circumstances of their crime are currently being investigated, but not all of the de Doucer Elves had a hand in it. That means we can't arrest Elves just because they're members of this disgraced house.

The deeper the investigation goes, the clearer it becomes that the darkness has spread deep into the house, possibly deep enough as to engulf an Elf as great as Stephane de Doucer!

Stephane is a wonderful sculptor. He produces statues using magic, and you sometimes feel that the statue is about to come alive! Unfortunately, Stephane might be involved in his House's crimes. Moreover, he continues to practice… let's call it "forbidden magic".

We need to see if there's any truth to his guilt. Go to Darkwater where Stephane is working on a job for a Kanian noble named Ivan Tsarevsky. Meet with Tsarevsky and offer him your services without arousing suspicion. I'm sure that neither Tsarevsky nor Stephane will tell you their true goals until they trust you.

Quest check:

What do you want?

Quest finished:

Hey, take your hat off when you approach me! Anyway, you say you're looking for work? Well, I might have a job for you, but the only question is - are you up to it?