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A Reptilian Invasion

Quest summary:

Kill 10 Poisonous Adders and 10 Poisonous Spiders and report to Ivan Tsarevsky.

Rewards Money: 19 Silver 82 Copper

Quest start:

Oh, you're looking for the Elven master? Sure, I know someone like that. But I won't share my secrets to just anyone for free. If you come and serve me, then maybe one day I'll send you on an errand to see the Elf.

Take these reptiles for example - those detestable creatures. Ever since the curse was set on the castle, we have had no peace from the snakes and spiders. These nasty beasts crawl in from all sides, it's just dreadful.

I personally lost a servant maid - a snake crawled right into her trunk. The poor girl turned black and swelled up so badly that we couldn't fit her into a coffin. Who can live like this?! You feel sorry for the wench? Me too. Something needs to be done.

Here's my first errand - catch and destroy ten poisonous adders and ten poisonous spiders - they're crawling around all over the place.

Quest check:

And then this spider climbed into the neighbors' chicken coop, dragged the chickens off into the woods, wrapped them in its web and hung them from a tree… horrible! These awful creatures have to be destroyed.

Quest finished:

Killing one of these slimy creatures is a kindness! Thank you on behalf of the entire Settlement.