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A Miraculous Escape

Quest summary:

Escort Peter Bocharov to the Valir Settlement and report to the Keen Family.

Rewards Money: 13 Silver 22 Copper

Quest start:

Tensess be praised, a living soul! Do you see what has happened here? Some vicious bandits attacked and killed my party! I survived in part by a miracle. What kind of miracle? A fairly common one - I stepped into the woods to answer the call of nature and when I saw the bandits I turned tail and ran! I just barely managed to tie my belt…

Have pity good man, don't leave me to die here! Allow me to accompany you to the village. I need to find some Gibberling merchants called the Keen Family and tell them about this disaster. They'll want to know that all of the goods in the wagons were stolen!

Quest check:

We're getting more jobs every day, nobody watches over the roads, and the Kanians throw suspicious glances at us and call us names behind our backs! We've had nothing but grief since we came to Darkwater! And can anyone tell us what happened to the wagons with our goods?!

Quest finished:

The wagon train was robbed!? We knew it! All the omens pointed to it - the ravens crowed last night and our wine was knocked over… Damnit!
That idiot herald keeps singing praises the praises of the White Knight, saying that the merchants don't need to fear the bandits because he's gotten rid of them all. What a rotten liar!