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A Lousy Shot

Quest summary:

Find Ivan's Arrow in the Fusty Bog.

Rewards XP: 290

Rewards Money: 7 Silver 25 Copper

Quest start:

I think I can trust you… Hm… This is a rather sensitive matter, so promise not to laugh! My brothers and I have decided to choose wives for ourselves according to our father's wishes by using the ancient Kanian custom of shooting an arrow from a bow. Wherever the arrow falls, that's where your destiny is.

My elder brother's arrow fell quite well - he married a noble's daughter and is planning to move to the capital. My middle brother got a really lucky break - the arrow fell in Ilona's yard, and Ilona is such a cute dumpling - you can't even fathom her, yummy, finger-lickin' good body!

However my arrow - and I beg you, tell no one - flew through the woods and right into the Fusty Bog. How am I going to find a bride in there? Go there, find my arrow, and bring it back. Please hurry - I think I'll die of shame if people were to find out about this.

Quest check:

The arrow appears to be in the mouth of the toad. It's unclear what she wants with it, but the important thing is that it's been found. All that's left to do is take it.

Quest finished:

Hmm. The toad is keeping its mouth shut so tightly that the arrow can't be removed…