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A Letter to the Keeper

Quest summary:

Deliver Veleslav's letter to Kotofei in Lukomorie.

Rewards Money: 4 silver 31 cooper

Quest start:

I need you to take this urgent letter to Kotofei, the Keeper of the Great Tree. I can feel the sun finally breaking through the clouds of the curse. It is almost time. Darkwater will be ours again soon!

Quest finished:

Grr! I've been waiting for you… And the Great Tree has as well. I hear the blood in its limbs awakening, I hear it in the rustling leaves and in the songs of birds.

Darkwater is awakening from its somber dream! Grr!

But it is still too early! The Tree needs time…Arm yourself with patience and wait. When the hour comes, I will find a way to contact you, grr. But you must stay vigilant as well! Always be ready for new tests!