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A Failure in Creation

Quest summary:

Kill Chuden the Awakened and report to Ivan Tsarevsky.

Rewards Money: 11 silver 88 copper

Quest start:

We must first correct this mistake. We can't allow this Chuden to stomp around the woods and attack the Kanians. You have to agree with me, right? That means we're going to have to kill it.

Poor Ivan! It'll be such disappointing news that you'll have to deliver to him. Of course, there's no chance of me refunding the deposit - I've already spent a ton of time on this job! Tell him that falling in love with marble statues is a bad idea. There are so many beautiful girls around!
And don't worry about me. Things like this often happen in art - you try for one thing and get another. One has to take such things in stride. It was a pleasure to meet you!

Quest check:

That toad looks at me strangely sometimes. I imagine seeing tenderness and pain in her bulging eyes… but soon I'll be rid of her and finally have my ideal wife!

Quest finished:

That's it! My life is over! My brothers are with their dear wives, and I'm with a toad - forever! Please, just leave me alone. Let me be!