03 - Free gPotatoes

There are a few ways to get free gpotatoes (Allods Online Boutique Currency).

Firstly, you can earn gpotato by inviting a friend. Players can invite their friends and family to register and play for free on gPotato.eu. If any of the invitees accept the invitation, register on gPotato.eu, and then reach level 10 in Allods Online, you will receive 50 gPotato! Of course, the more registered friends that reach level 10, the more free gPotato you will earn.

Before you invite a friend, please make sure you meet the requirements! You'll need a level 10 character in Allods Online before you can invite someone else!

How to invite your friend?

Step 1: Log into your account on the gPtato.eu portal.

Step 2: Go to the Invite a Friend page. Take some time to read the introduction and check out the requirements for each game. For Allods Online you are eligible to invite friend and be rewarded for it when you reach level 10 in game. You then get your 50 free gPotato when your friends reach level 10.

Once you're happy to move forward, select Invite Friends from the 4 buttons displayed on the page.

gpotato.eu log-in page

Step 3: On the Invite a Friend page, you will now send your invites to your friends! In the textbox that has To marked beside it, you can invite any of your friends who do not have a gPotato.eu account! You can also import contacts from your email address book if you use any of the following providers: MSN, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! Mail. All you need to do is select Import email contacts and log in with your email account. This info is submitted securely, it won't be stored and will we will never send out any emails without your permission.

invite friends email

Step 4: Once you're happy to send out your invitations, press on the button and then the invitations will be sent! You'll receive the following message:

gpotato.eu emails sent image

Step 5: Now that you have sent out your invitations, you can check to see who has accepted, who has rejected, who is still to respond, who is currently playing and, the best status, who has earned you 50 free gPotato! To do this, select the Invite Tracker button. This is the only place where you can keep track of those invitations, link clicks and banner clicks that you have provided. You can also delete any invitations, which will negate the invitation offer to any specific friend on this list.
invitation pending


There is also a great feature for those of you who may have a website, blog or your own little space of the internet that you can apply HTML to. We call it a banner!

Banners work with the same mechanics as the friend invitation system. When a visitor to your site clicks on a banner, they will be invited to sign up to gPotato.eu and take part in our many MMORPGs! If that person meets the requirements, for example, level 10 for Allods Online, then you'll get 50 free gPotato! Anyone who clicks on your link will be added to your tracker. Easy!

To get a Banner or link for your space, visit the Invite a Friend page, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Press on the Banners & Links button. This will display a link which, if anyone clicks on it, will invite them to join gPotato.eu. As with banners and email invitations any anyone who registers, will be added to the tracker! You can add this link to any image or display it on its own, even in your signature on your favourite forums! Possibilities are endless...If you want something a little more conventional we have gPotato design studio created banners.

gpotato.eu log-in page

Step 2: Below the link provided is a list of games available for gPotato.eu, select Allods Online.

Allods Online logo

Step 3: A window will pop up with all the available banners for Allods Online. Find the one that suits you best and copy the HTML from the textbox that is next to it. Once it is copied, paste it where you would like to publish it and wait for the clicks to happen! gpotato.eu log-in page

Secondly, you can earn free gpotato by doing 'sponsored offers'. To get to this place you need to follow the following steps.

After reaching this page you can chose (depending on your country) a sponsor, and then fill in surveys to get free gpotatoes as reward. You will have to fill in those surveys with real information but you won't be contacted unless it's in the Terms of Service (Make sure you read those if you do NOT want unexpected surprises).